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Retrogame Talkshow

Post by Skaepoy » Fri May 17, 2019 7:50 am

Hi! A while ago, I used to spam this board a bit with my Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog, which is now in a kind of a limbo. Meanwhile, I've been doing a podcast called RETROGAME TALKSHOW with a friend of mine, Bob Engstrand, since last spring. A couple of days ago, we released our first 16-bits -related episode, and today, the Youtube version of the episode was finished, so we thought we might now introduce the podcast to the 16-bit boards as well. So, here's the primary links for Episode #6: "Diskettes & Dungeons"

Spreaker: ... s-dungeons

and you can also find our podcast on Spotify and other podcasting environments. You can also find us on the regular social media haunts:

Instagram -
Facebook -

and if you like our stuff enough, you're more than welcome to support us through Patreon or Ko-Fi.

Donate @ Patreon:
Donate @ Ko-fi:

Comments are also very welcome! :wink:
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