Rare Games, Programs, Manuals for Sale

A8 only please.

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Rare Games, Programs, Manuals for Sale

Post by silentshadow56 » Tue Jan 01, 2019 2:21 am

Looking to sell and open to any reasonable offer! Pictures available upon request

Disk Only/Cartridge Only

Claim Jumper
K-razy Antics

Complete in box or bag

Rear Guard
Rubber Stamp
Canyon Climber
The Print Shop
Atari Lab Light Module
Atari Logo (Both Manuals and Logo Cartridge)
Atari Lab Light Module
Formula 1
Hail to the Chief
Raster Blaster
Dominos and Cribbage
Space Shuttle Module I

Disk & Manual

PLATO Educational Courseware Fractions Practice
PLATO Educational Courseware Decimals Practice
Hell Cat Ace
Caverns of Khafka
The Crypts of Plumbous
Advanced Music System APX

Manuals Only

APX: Domination
Star League Baseball
Intruder Alert!
Dominos and Cribbage (manual and warranty)
Hearts 1.5
The Rings of the Empire
Fast Gammon
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