wants/needs list $$$$

A8 only please.

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wants/needs list $$$$

Post by chrislynn5 » Mon Mar 27, 2017 3:06 pm

I can trade or $$$.
- The learning phone boxed would be nice
- Beamrider CIB or NIB
- Attack of the mutant Camels Boxed
- Survival of the Fittest boxed
- Star Maze boxed
- Romox's Starion, Spark bugs, etc boxed would be nice
- Webster CIB or NIB
- Super Zaxxon, just box and instructions if that is all you have :)

Any of these (hard to find Utilities carts):
Mfg stock # Year Title
2 Bit System 86 Replay
ACE ACE 80XL 85 ACE 80XL - 80 Column Screen Editor (Left)
ACE ACE 80 85 ACE 80 - 80 Column Screen Editor (Right/800)
Alpha Systems 91 Sample Cartridge
Ask.0 82 Tool Kit Austin Franklin
Austin 80 Console Software
Austin Franklin Austin 80 SWP ATR 8000 Console Term.
Beaumont PUP (Primary Utility Pack)
Cable Graphic Sciences 84 INFO/gen
Compu-Cable Systems, Inc 86 SPECTRAVIEW II Information Display Cart
Computer SW Services 83 The Super Pill
Computrac 83 Computrac 4000-8000
Convologic WAM
Eastern House KISS
Eastern House 81 Eprom Cartridge
Elcomp Atmas (macro assembler)
Elcomp Atmona-1 (machine language monitor)
Elcomp Atext-1
Gemini Software (SAR-AN) DM1302 83 Drumesiser (Gemini Software)
Gemini Software MD12V10 82 Magic Dump Inter-Tech
Computer Products Persistent RAM
Island Software 84 GhostCART II
Langues Arabes Adawliah Adawliah
LindaSoft 94 Conquest of the Crown
Mirage A/D Converter
MultiSoft (Atari Mexico) Multieditor (developed in Chile)
MultiSoft (Atari Mexico) Logo Lenguaje Para Computadores (Mexico)
MultiSoft (Atari Mexico) 85 MultiFicha
Orion Micro Systems Express! [ver. 1.1]
ProPrompt Inc. 87 Pro+Prompt (Compu=Prompt system
Protonics 82? The Block
Radical Systems 22680 83 Cartridge Maker
Rantom 83 Trust
Ravensburger Fratzenschneider (German version of Facemaker) (+)
Ravensburger KinderComp (German version) (+)
Ravensburger Springteufel (German version of Fraction Fever) (+)
Ravensburger Weltraumkolonie (German version of Cosmic Life) (+)
Reevesoft Diamond GOS [ver 1.0]
Reevesoft Diamond GOS [ver 2.0]
Reevesoft Diamond GOS [ver 3.0]
Reston Movie Maker
Softmark 86 ESP Mindlock BBS
SP9TCE Ham Pack
Walling Co. AProm
Walling Co. AProm XL
Walling Co. Six Pack I
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