My old MS-DOS - Atari emulator

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My old MS-DOS - Atari emulator

Post by Stormtrooper » Mon Nov 21, 2011 12:13 pm

When i was a kid, i made an emulator, that was able to run MS-DOS 4.3 / 5.0 games.

I made this emulator , because i had an ATari 600XL with a 64K memory upgrade, and a friend of me, had the naughty adventure game "Leisure Suit Larry". I liked to play it, but this game was never released for the ATari 8bit system.

As i knew a bit of the DOS disk format, and was an ace on the Atari 8bit, i started the development of the Atari-MS-DOS emulator, just to be able to play the LSL game on my Atari 600XL.

in the end, it worked.

Unfortunately, and because of my fear, that my invention would be copied, obused, or whatever, i almost never gave anybody a copy.

Only some close friends of me, who i lost contact with.

So, my question is, for the collectors, if you have the disk that contains the program i made in the 80s.

tI would be fun for me , to see my old program again, and then i can start continuing the program after more as 24 years.

Thanks in advance.

you can contact me at
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