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Cricit Cash Register and Inventory Control System

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 2:43 am
by rcamp48
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Hey guys: This one is from possibly the only copy of Cricit around , I have the original in a binder with complete scanned docs and the two untouched disks that it uses. I will enclose a picture of the box in this post as well as a mega link to the file. I am announcing this release as an exclusive for AtariMania , even though the program and data base are going around, the docs have not been released yet! Russ

PS: By the way I am planning an Atari Users group meeting in Canada on Jan 12 2019, and a big one in August of this year coming up.!MZcjEQ5Y!dH9D9G5ad4Te ... nnOGyb0SIk