Wanted floppy images of originals

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Wanted floppy images of originals

Post by Petari » Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:27 am

Preferred format is Pasti (STX). If you are sure that no copy protection may imaging in ST or MSA format too.
Following list is not complete missing Pasti images list - you can see it at atarimania site forum.

I decided to make smaller list, with some selection - focusing on missing quality games and especially on those with bad dumps/cracks.


Missing hits :


BAT II - Engl. & French
Black Lamp


Dragon Spirit

Great Giana Sisters

Jupiter's Masterdrive

Maupiti Island - Engl. v.


Son Shu Shi - this is wanted especially, as all cracks are bad


Missing quality :

10-th Frame (Access)
20000 Leagues under the Sea
8 Ball (Michtron)

Affaire (L') (french) / Infogrames
After the War / Dinamic
Air Supply / Magic Bytes
Albedo / Myriad
Alien Blast
Andes Attack / Llamasoft - Probably no STX - if ShareWare ?
Apache Flight
Army Moves

Bangkok Knights
Bank Buster
Beastlord (existing has errors)
Beyond Zork
Big Run
Bug Bash
Butcher Hill

Captain America
Cave Mania
Challengers / Ubi Soft
Chicago 90
Circus Attractions De
Cobra II
Computer Maniacs Diary 1989
Count Duckula
Crafton & Xunk Engl/Multi
Crazy Cars
Crazy Shot / Loriciel
Crime City / Interactive FantasyFiction
Crime Wave
Crown / Starbyte
Crown of Creation 3D / Rebelsoft - Falcon
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy / Code Masters
Cyber Assault

Dalek Attack
Damocles - Mission Disk I [datadisk]
Damocles - Mission Disk II [datadisk]
Darkland / New Deal Production
Day of the Pharaoh / Rainbow Arts
Découverte de la Vie (A la) (french) / Coktel Vision
Deep (The) / US Gold
Defenders of the Earth / Enigma Variations
Delta Patrol / Other Valley Software ???
Demon's Tomb - The Awakening
Demon's Winter
Devious Designs
Diamond Mike (USA) / XLEnt Software
Die Hard II - Die Harder / Grandslam Entertainment
Dieux de la Mer (Les) / Infogrames
Dogs of War
Domination / Magic Bytes
Downhill Challenge (USA) / Broderbund Software
Dragon Lord / 16-32 Diffusion
Dragon Scape / Software Horizons Ltd.
Dragon Spirit / Domark - possible errors in TNT compil.
Dragonworld (USA) / Telarium
Duck Tales - The Quest for Gold / Walt Disney Computer Software
Dynablaster / Ubi Soft

Elvira - The Arcade Game / Flair Software
Elvira II - The Jaws of Cerberus (spanish) / Accolade
Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz / Audiogenic / -
Enduro Racer
Enforcer / Methodic Solutions
Erebus / Titus
Erik / Atlantis Software
Eskimo Games / Magic Bytes

Famous Five - Five on a Treasure Island, The
Feudal Lords
Fighter Command
Final Conflict (The)
Final Legacy / Atari (UK) - compilation ?
Fire and Forget
Fire Force
Fire Rescue
Flight Simulator II Scenery Disk USA (USA)
Formula One Grand Prix / Tynesoft
Fort Apache
Foundations Waste / Exocet Software
Fourmi Story
Fred / Ubi Soft
Freddy Hardest in South Manhattan

Galactic Conqueror
Games Winter Edition (The) / Epyx
Gem Stone Legend
Get Dexter
Get Dexter II
Gnome Ranger
Group (SSG) / Electronic Arts
Gold of the Realm (USA)
Gone Fish'n
Gotcha! / Kingsoft - error in title at AM !!!!
Grail (The) / Microdeal
Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon / ReadySoft

Hammer Boy / Dinamic
Hard'n'Heavy / Reline
Harricana - Raid International Motoneige
Hellraider / ARC
Helter Skelter / Audiogenic
Helter Skelter (enchanced version 1990) / Audiogenic
High Energy / Infogrames
Hostages II / Infogrames / -
Hover Hawk / Impulze / Zeppelin Games ????
Hyperdome / Exocet Software

I Ludicrus
I'm a Video Hero / Loriciel / - equ Baby Joe !
Ice and Fire - The Wizards
Ice Hockey / Anco Software
In 80 Days Around the World / Rainbow Arts
Indian Mission / Coktel Vision
Indy 500 / Methodic Solutions
International Championship Athletics
International Ice Hockey
International Soccer / Microdeal
Intruder (The) / Ubi Soft
Iron Lord / Ubi Soft / Engl. 3 floppy edition
ISS - Incredible Shrinking Sphere

Jetsons - The Computer Game
Jewels of Darkness
Jinks / Rainbow Arts
Jinxter / Rainbird
Joan of Arc - Eng.
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Jug / Microdeal
Jungle Boy / Byte Back
Jupiter's Masterdrive / Ubi Soft

Karate Master / Gremlin Graphics
Kid Gloves II / Millennium
King of Chicago

Lands of Havoc / Microdeal
Last Ninja (The) / System 3 Software
Leader Board Pro Golf Simulator / Access Software
Leavin' Teramis
Lee Enfield - Tournament of Death / Infogrames
Legend of Djell
Legend of the Lost
Little Puff in Dragonland / Code Masters
Livingstone II / Opera Soft
Locomotion / Kingsoft
Logical / Rainbow Arts
Logo / Starbyte
Lords of Chaos / Blade Software
Lost Kingdom of Zkul (The) / Talent Computer System

Mad Flunky
Mad Professor Mariarti
Mad Show
Magic Story Book
Magnetic Tank
Masters of the Universe
Mata Hari
Maupiti Island / Lankhor / English v.
Mean Streets / English v.
MiG 29 - Soviet Fighter
Monster Business
Moon Blaster
Moonspeeder [Falcon 030]/ COMPO Software
Mortville Manor
Motorbike Madness
Mouse Trap
Mr. Heli

Nautilus / Gamebench / Markt & Technik
Nicky II / Microids
Nigel Mansell's World Championship
Nightdawn / Magic Bytes
Ninja Mission
Nitro Boost Challenge / Code Masters / aka Super Stuntman
No Buddies Land
No Excuses
No Exit

Offshore Warrior
Oh No! More Lemmings [datadisk] / Psygnosis
Oil Imperium
Oliver & Company
Operation Harrier
Opération Jupiter
Oxyd - English v.

Passengers on the Wind II
Personal Nightmare
Pinball Factory
PowerMonger - World War I Edition
Prince of the Yolkfolk / Code Masters
Pro Tennis Simulator / Code Masters
Proflight / HiSoft

Red Alert
Red Moon
Red Storm Rising
Rings of Medusa

Sabre Team
Safari Guns
Samurai - The Way of the Warrior
Scramble Spirits
Screaming Wings
Second World (The)
Secret Cave (The)
Sheer Agony - ST and Falcon versions
Shuttle / Virgin Games
Sim City - Architecture Disk 1
Sim City - Architecture Disk 2
Skate Ball
Skate Tribe
Skyfox II
Skystrike Plus
Sol Negro / Opera Soft
Son Shu Si - most wanted !
Space 1889
Space Fighter
Space Harrier - 20 Levels Edition / Elite
Space Harrier II
Space Monsters
Space Port
Space Rogue
Spellbound Dizzy / Code Masters
Spirit of Excalibur
Spy Who Loved Me (The)
Starball / Rainbow Arts
Steel Empire
Steg the Slug / Code Masters
Steve McQueen Westphaser
Storm Master
Street Gang
Street Hockey
Super Breakout
Super Cars II
Super Cauldron
Super Gridrunner
Superhighway UK /Vornon Works
Super League Manager
Super Skweek
Super Sprint
Super Stario Land / Top Byte Software
Super Stuntman / Code Masters aka Nitro Boost Challenge

Team Suzuki - error with smilie
Techmate Chess
Tennis / FIL aka Match Point
Tennis Cup II aka Great Ciurts II
Terra Nova
Terry's Big Adventure
Test Drive II - California Challenge [Datadisk] / Accolade
Test Drive II - Muscle Cars [Datadisk] / Accolade
Tetra Quest (existing has errors) - US Edition is bugged
Thai Boxing
Think Cross / JoWood
Third Reich
Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends II - Thomas's Big Race
Three Musketeers (The)
Thunder Burner / Loriciel
Thunderbirds / Grandslam Entertainment
Time / Empire Software
Time Race / Loriciel
Time Runner / Red Rat Software
Tiny Skweeks / Loriciel
Titan / Titus
TNT / Infogrames
To Be on Top / Rainbow Arts
Tolteka / Ariolasoft
Top Cat - Starring in Beverly Hills Cats / Hi-Tec Software
Touring Car Racer / Byte Back
Treble Champions II / Challenge Software
Trifide / Pressimage / 16/32 Diffusion
Trivial Pursuit - A New Beginning / Domark
Turn It / Kingsoft

Upon Westminster Bridge / Rainbird

Vectorball / MAD / Mastertronic
Victory / Kingsoft
Volleyball Simulator / Time Warp
Voyager 10 / Free Game Blot

Wacky Darts / Code Masters
Wall Street / Lovell Marketing
War Heli / Argonica
Warlock's Quest / Ere Informatique
Web of Terror / Impressions
Ween - The Prophecy / Coktel Vision
Werner ST / Novagen Software Engl. v.
Western Games / Magic Bytes
Who Framed Roger Rabbit / Coktel Vision
Wild Life / New Deal Production
Willy the Kid / Anco Software
Wind Surf Willy / Silmarils
Window Wizard / Reline
Winter Supersports '92 / Flair Software
Wizmo / Kingsoft
Wolfpack / Mirrorsoft
Wreckers / Audiogenic


Zero Gravity / EAS Gold
Zero-5 / Caspian Software
Zone Warrior / Electronic Arts


Please send images to Atarimania - see in their forum for details. Or to me: petari@8bitchip.info . Pack STX files in RAR or ZIP archives, please.
It decreases file sizes and increases reliability.
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