Can you help us?

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Can you help us?

Post by marakatti » Sat Jul 16, 2011 5:36 pm

Got some free time and noticed you have something that is missing from our database?
Why not help us in the important quest of ST / TT / Falcon030 software preservation.
We are always looking forward to add new disk images and scans to our database. Here's some information and guidelines.

Front and back of the box. Scansize 100%, 200dpi, save in loseless format (for example 100% JPG, PNG or TIFF)
We process and resize all scans for web use so you don't need to worry about that.

Manuals: Main rule is that the text should be readable. Scansize 100%, 200dpi, save in loseless format (for example 100% JPG, PNG or TIFF).
You can scan whole spread so no need to scan pages seperately if the manual fits in your scanner.

Other stuff related to games (stickers, posters, maps, walkthroughs, reviews...):
Scansize 100%, 200dpi, save in loseless format (for example 100% JPG, PNG or TIFF)
When scanning posters or maps you can send a set of seperate scans, we build them together.

Pasti (STX), SuperCard Pro, Kryoflux:
We prefer to use the Pasti, SuperCard Pro or Kryoflux based formats as it's the only way to get 100% accurate copy of the original disk including the protection. If you're sure there's no copyprotection, MSA and ST formats are ok aswell.
Please do not send cracked software except if it's the only known copy in the world ;)

Information and tools how to make Pasti-images can be found from

ST, MSA, Zip-pack:
In some cases Pasti-files can't be created. So if you are sure that the program has no protection, we also accept these type of formats.
Information and tools how to make ST or MSA images can be found from ... sk_Imaging

When sending disk images, if possible, please include the following information:
- Which country they come from.
- Is the game a retailversion (fullprice), from compilation or budget-version. In some cases there are differences in these versions such as language, protection or number of disks so we can put them into the right slot in our database.

If possible, please use disks that has not been used to save hiscores or similar information. If there's such information, it's not end of the world though. We can still use them until we get another version.

Where to upload?
You can use our FTP to upload contributions:
user : atarimania
pwd : atarimaniaftp

Please use the folder ST for your 16+ bit contributions.

General information
How do I know what has already been imaged?
Take a look at the list for Pasti-imaged files ... 1_S_G.html

How do I know what is still missing?
See this topic: ... =8&t=17781

How long does it take for my work to be published?
We get quite a lot of contributions so sometimes it can take a few weeks. It's always a good thing to email us first (or leave your details in the uploaded pack) so we know who to thank for the hard work and also will be able to keep you up to date.

Why the record X is almost empty?
Building a database is a huge project which takes years to be complete. Put simply, we just haven't got time to check and fill the information in yet.

Why there are so many countries? I'm sure game X comes from country X rather than country Z
We try to document not only the mother country of the game, but also all different distributions around the globe. Source comes from magazine reviews, ads etc... As the database building is still very much in progress, there might be occasional case where the mother country is still missing.

If you have any questions please leave a message on our forum or contact us via email and we'll do our best to help. With your help we are one step closer to our ultimate goal of preserving the memories and history of Atari ST / TT / Falcon030 computers.

Atarimania ST team
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