Pasti imaging - some hints

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Pasti imaging - some hints

Post by Petari » Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:06 pm

Since this place is currently main dealing and storing place for Pasti (STX) images, I think that some additional info and hints will be useful:

I had some mailing with Ijor in last 15 months about some 'popular' questions, issues, like more informations for users, how to use advanced settings. Reported some titles where Pasti imaging was not succesful and similar. I asked him to do some updates to Pasti homepage - there are really some obsolete and misguiding infos, while lacking some necessary ones. The result of all it is practically 0 - only useful thing I heard from was about game Tetra Quest, US edition.

Page with little more usage guide:

There you can DL simple SW for checking STX image.
Since Ijor talks about some Pasti preservation team in txt. files attached to Pasti SW, I must say that it is obviously abandoned idea, project. It is certainly necessary to verify Pasti images, since usual quick tests are not good in many cases. But as things are as are, and Marakatti self can not test thoroughly everything, I just can ask people contributing images that do as much testings as possible. Best would be to play game until end, including all levels. Sometimes there are not harmful errors - little corrupted graphic or sound, while game can be finsished - which appear on higher level(s).

And people playing games on emulators can help here a lot - by reporting problems with some images. Of course, nothing is easy here - need to know that TOS versions have influence too - so rather play with some TOS 1.02, and set RAM to 1MB or even 512KB only.
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Re: Pasti imaging - some hints

Post by marakatti » Thu Jan 17, 2013 9:15 am

Thanks for your guide.

Yes the current situation isn't very ideal. I'm flooding with contributions as it makes very hard to manage it all by myself or Franck. ST team has shrinked down considerably over last two years so the update interval is unfortunately extremely slow.

I also wish Ijor could be around more but we all have our real lifes to deal with... Or at least he could give the STX-project and sources to the community if he can't work with it anymore. Maybe then someone picks it up and starts further development same way as on with Steem emulator.

Maybe if this Kryoflux thing would have hitted on ST couple of years earlier things would be different :roll:

As small as ST-community is we can only hope that there still remains some people with enough passion and time to help the whole Atari community to save as much software and information as possible.
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