Watermarks on all scans? Why??

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Watermarks on all scans? Why??

Post by holmesA8 » Tue Sep 21, 2004 4:47 am

I have been visiting this site watching it grow for some time now, and although I am impressed by the enthusiastic spirit behind archiving all these games/manuals. I must admit, the fact that there is 'www.atarimania.com' across all the scans almost makes it pointless having them online.

I must ask why the need to do such a thing? Everyone knows that, I, Holmes, am greatly into Atari 8bit stuff and enjoy creating and gathering together all scans of manuals etc that I can get hold of, and when I could, make them public, for everyone to have. But by putting an annoying watermark across the scans, and in some cases upto 3 onto the same scan, IMHO, that makes the exercise pointless.

Please dont get me wrong, I think your website could be the best in the world, and I'm happy to support it, if I have anything you need, but while the scans are being ruined, they are only of use to games players, not those who enjoy collecting scans etc, like myself. I am not attacking anyone, I just really cant see the point in ruining the scans, just, and I'm assumming, in case someone wants to steal the images and use on their own site. You can tell if the scans are yours and being used on another site without ruining the scans.

Anyway, rant off, keep up the good work with the archiving of disks. And please consider changing your policy of sticking your URL all over scans. Or an option to buy a CD or DVD rom of all the 8bit scans without watermarks would go down well with me. :-)

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