Forem XE Pro Version 5.4

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Forem XE Pro Version 5.4

Post by rcamp48 » Wed Sep 04, 2019 8:17 pm

I have taken all of the original arc files for Forem XE Professional Version 5.4 and unrced everything , and put it all in one zip file, I also have the entire KWEST Atari 8 Bit library, have not been opn here for over a year, so there is quite a bit to update here: I will give you a link to my extensive Mega Archive and the file for the Forem XE zip, so without further adu, here is the link for my Mega site and the file for Forem XE:
ForemXE Pro
Forem XE Pro 5.4
(204.7 KiB) Downloaded 1097 times!oc8VgAqT!kPgl_GUF-3z4ze9rJL6W8Q

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