Midi music system 1.0 Hybrid Arts - Missing.

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Midi music system 1.0 Hybrid Arts - Missing.

Post by argonator » Mon Dec 18, 2017 9:24 am

I have the original disk, manual, and music files made from the MIDI Music Sytem by Hybrid Arts.

Included on the disk is a converter from AMS 1 and AMS 2 music format to their MIDI .MUS format.
The Action Annex BBS used this to write MIDI file for download and play on the MIDI Mate and MidiMax devices.
It's part of the archive I was given from the owner. I was a co-sysop who helped write some of the BBS.
It ran from 1982-1996 on the Atari 800 with an ATR8000 to a 130XE and a hard disk in later versions.

The disk image is unprotected, added a disk.txt file explaining what is what.
Attached is a pic of the manual cover.

It will play MIDI files for the MIDI Mate interface.
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