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Home Computing Weekly - All Atari Listings

Post by wesmond » Fri Sep 09, 2016 1:57 pm


Attached is a ZIP file of (I think) every Atari listing published in the UK Home Computing Weekly magazine. The print quality of those magazines was not always easy to work with - no control characters/inverse, so I had to make a few judgment calls on the way, but anyway, here we go. Some of these, you have no entry for (I'll write ENTRY MISSING), and some you have an entry but no file (FILE MISSING).


SUBATTAK.BAS: Sub Attack, by Marc Freebury, Issue 1 (8th March 1983), p34-35 (ENTRY MISSING ** CORRECTION -17/09/16 - you have an entry, but no BAS file)

ZOMBIEIS.BAS: Zombie Island, by David Ryan, Issue 4, (29th March 1983), p20-22 (FILE MISSING)

MONEYRUN.BAS: Money Runners, by Marc Freebury, Issue 6 (10th May 1983), p31-32 (ENTRY MISSING)

NEUTRALI.BAS: Neutralise, by David Ryan, Issue 10 (14th June 1983), p25-26 (ENTRY MISSING)

LIGHTCYC.BAS: Light-Cycles, by Marc Freebury, Issue 16 (21st June 1983), p31-32, (FILE MISSING)

TAZZ.BAS & TAZZNREM.BAS: Title either "Atari Tazz!" or just "Tazz!" - Issue 18 (5th July 1983), p27-28. TAZZ.BAS is the litreral listing, and TAZZNREM.BAS is the listing with all the REMs removed, which is necessary for it to run, and is in the magazine instructions. (ENTRY MISSING)

(Alien Trap, by Marc Freebury Issue 31 (4th October 1983), p25-26 - you already have an entry and file in the database, so I've not done anything with this)

MAZEADV.BAS: Maze Adventure, by David Ryan, Issue 32 (11th October 1983), p29-31 (FILE MISSING)

PATIENCE.BAS, Patience, By R. L. Howarth (Les Howarth) - I'm not sure how you want this in the database, but basically it was published incrementally over a few issues, and by the end, you had 5 games in one.
Hole in One, Issue 35 (1st November 1983), p31-32
Packet Boat and Block Eleven, Issue 36 (8th November 1983), p53-55
Reverse Puzzle and Monte Carlo, Issue 37 (15th November 1983), p49-50
Poker Patience, Issue 38 (22nd November 1983), p35-36

(ENTRY CONFUSED!) You have entries but no files for Hole in One, Packet Boat, and Block Eleven, but no entries for the others. I can try and break them up into separate listings if you like, but basically when you run it, you get a menu for which of the 6 card games you want to play.

RADRO.ATR: "Radro" (or possibly "The Sceptre of Cadarian" in the text), by Marc Freebury, Issue 41 (13th December 1983), p58-62. This is two basic files, you run CASTLE.BAS first, and it runs MAZE.BAS itself. I've made an ATR because it saves files for your character when moving between the files. (ENTRY MISSING)

SPDODGER.BAS: Space Dodger, by John Redhead, Issue 46 (24th January 1984), p13. (FILE MISSING)

ORIONMIN.BAS: Orion Miner, by Marc Freebury, Issue 47 (31st January 1984), p40-41. Also a missing line 630 was added in the Letters Column, Issue 49 (14th Feb 1984), p41, by A. Fernandes of Ilford in Essex! (FILE MISSING)

(The Gold Run, by David Ryan, Issue 47, (31st January 1984), p47-50 - you've got it already.

BLITZ.BAS: Blitz by Joel Goodwin, Issue 51 (28th February 1984), p51 - (ENTRY MISSING). In the credits: "Converted from a program by Shingo Sugiura, called Bomber, for the Oric computer in HCW Issue 9)

HCWMAN.BAS: HCWMan by Victor Thorn, Issue 54 (20th March 1984), p49-50 (ENTRY MISSING)

YAHTZEE.BAS: Yahtzee by P.J.E.Burnett (Peter Burnett), Issue 64 (29th May 1984), p42-46. (ENTRY MISSING)

CHAOTIC.BAS: The Chaotic Crossing, by Victor Thorn, sound by Lee Parrish, Issue 66 (June 18th 1984), p28-29 (ENTRY MISSING)

RALLY.BAS: Rally, by Lawrence Staveley, Issue 74 (7th August 1984), p28-31 (ENTRY MISSING)

SPIDERS.BAS: Spiders, by Peter Williams, Issue 78 (4th September 1984), p12-14 (ENTRY MISSING)

RUNAROU.BAS: Runaround, by Joel Goodwin, Issue 83 (9th October 1984), p11-12 (ENTRY MISSING - You do have the Runaround 2 he did in New Atari User)

SNAKE.BAS: Snake, by David Ryan, Issue 87 (6th November 1984), p87 (ENTRY MISSING)

HCWBERT: HCWBert (he calls it QBert in the text though), by Gareth Wakefield, Issue 88 (13th November 1984), p37-39. (ENTRY MISSING)

TANK.BAS: Tank, by Lee Caller, Issue 92 (11th December 1984), p12-13

CATRACE.BAS: Caterpillar Races, by Peter Talliss, Issue 95 (15th January 1985), p16-19. (FILE MISSING - you do have an entry for the author, but not referenced to Home Computing Weekly)


CHARDEF.BAS: Character Redefiner, by Marc Freebury, Issue 6 (12th April 1983), p29-30.
(note: First few M/C lines of this are lifted from an article by Adrian Dery, Antic August 1982, p15 & 44. Also, I had to make a number of decisions to add INVERSE and CTRL characters that weren't in the printout, but without them, it really doesn't work as a utility! So I think I must have ended up with something very close to what the author intended).

256COLS.BAS: "a 256-colour display with DLIs", by Amin Hoque, Issue 37 (15th Nov 1983), p51, with typo corrections in the letters department of Issue 40 (6 December 1983), p27, by I. M. Levings of Sittingbourne in Kent!

WRITLINE.BAS: "WritLine", by Terry Davies, Issue 48 (7th February 1984), p48-49. I'd like to point out I've typed this verbatim - the author persistently spells PROGRAMMING wrong!

DOTS1.BAS, DOTS2.BAS, DOTS3.BAS - Artifacts, by Anthony Ball, ISsue 50 (21st February 1984), p25-26. The first program is a demo of US artifacts, second is UK, and the third is quite a nice demo - maybe the best example I've seen to explain how artifacting works.

COLOURS.BAS: Example of scrolling rainbow colours in lots of ways. by Richard Parkes, Issue 114 (28th May 1985), p8-10.

Phew! Hope that fills in some gaps...

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