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Computer & Video Games type-ins

Post by livorno » Mon Apr 15, 2019 7:50 pm

I have been having fun/mania typing in type-ins from the lesser-known UK Computer & Video Games magazine. I have gotten through issues #1-33 and have fixed some bugs when programmers POKEd what that they thought were static memory positions. A zip file for #1-21 has been ftp'ed to your 8bit directory named "CVG games to". Included is a "00CVG BASIC 1-22.txt" tab-delimited file that can be pasted into a spreadsheet to help organize your integration. Some files I downloaded, but many I typed and tried to debug. The ones on your most wanted list include:

Computer & Video Games
CVG#9 Casino Royale (weird blackjack rules)
CVG#10 Martian Explorer (lunar lander type game)
CVG#11 Bomber (BOMBER.BAS holds to the listing but is buggy; BOMBER2.BAS is modded to use addressed screen memory)
CVG#12 Wild Strawberries (STRAWBRY.BAS holds to the listing but is buggy; STRABRY2 modded to poke custom font into RAMTOP; difficult Space Panic, monsters need to be handicapped by lowering escape probability on line 750)
CVG#13 Uranium Core (URANIUM.BAS holds to the listing but is buggy; URANIUM2 modded to poke custom font into RAMTOP)
CVG#14 Airlock (annoying timed maze with unfair doors)
CVG#15 Submarine Hunter (simple Sea Wolf imitator from above)
CVG#16 Over the Orchard Wall (simple catch game)
CVG#17 Dr. Who (DRWHO.BAS holds to the listing but is buggy; DRWHO2.BAS modded to poke custom font into RAMTOP; a nice winnable 2-D Adventure)
CVG#18 Dragon Run (simple pixel chase with tree barriers)
CVG#19 Grow Worm (Slither)
CVG#20 Ten Commandments (Oregon Trail like game; need miraculous luck or hack all the RND statements)
CVG#21 Draughts (weak AI, clunky text interface)
CVG#21 Squonk (maze shooting duel)
CVG#21 Nivek's Invaders (surpisingly fun Space Invaders)
CVG#21 Zig Zag (simple worm with randomly appearing barriers)

Good luck have fun,
Good luck, Have fun!
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