Star Raiders trainer version.

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Star Raiders trainer version.

Post by argonator » Sun Jun 05, 2022 12:21 am

Hello folks,
I made a few mods to the .XEX of Star Raiders. In 2018 just for kicks.
A trainer version which allows one to finish with top rank in any mode. The best I ever got with normal version was "star commander class 4"
No damage, reduce energy consumption which affects final score.
Shields and computer take much less energy.
I did the mod with Omnimon on a 130XE , or 800. Runs on emulators like Altirra.
I used the source code as a reference to find which bytes to modify.
I did the code changes with an PC ATR disk editor finally, and play tested to death on an Atari 800.
Instead of "Congratulations" at the end it says "cheater". So no fake videos of complete runs for max score easily made.
Will upload this version somehow.
Have fun, Enjoy.
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