Hacking request - for anyone?

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Hacking request - for anyone?

Post by Kiwilove » Wed May 14, 2008 11:52 pm

I would like MicroPainter hacked, so that the screen coordinates of the cursor be viewed on screen in the magnify mode - I wish to load in a picture, and then manually be able to get the x, y coordinates which I can then use in a simple BASIC program to recreate (ie. redraw) the picture. I did this decades ago, with a few examples - I think I used AtariArtist (the TouchTablet) to do this? I think this is the only program that has this function.

I guess I could have asked for a programmer request to do this? But I guess it would be far easier to hack into MicroPainter to do this? Rather than having to write a program from scratch to do this...
I am not a programmer, but just like to make up some new (or old) graphics demos...
NOTE - for the demowriters out there... why don't you do this? As I always think it is neat when the computer draws itself (did my version of the Atari 800, like that of the Atari 400 self drawing demo) or draws other really nice pictures. Like to redraw some of Roy Lynch's finest graphics, and others... too...

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