Atari Game DVD Bonus 8bit

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Atari Game DVD Bonus 8bit

Post by Marcer » Tue Mar 02, 2021 6:37 am


As far I know there is no such collection as My "Gamedvd" for Atari ST, for Atari 8bit. Which is about collecting all "cracked" versions of games, by all crews found.

My main reason for even bother was a fun idea to try bind history of ST Crackers history, where they started. for example CSS was on 8bit and went further to ST.

And we all know without the Cracking scene, we wouldnt have those Cracktros, Rare Games (which is impossible nea to find in original form today). Ofcourse there was downsides, But still history. Which I Represent here.

So, as Im not really into 8bit scene at all and really a rookie. I need help here, Maybe somebody already have such sorted Collection? by Cracking crews etc. the collection Im sweeping and is not intressted of is : Tosec, Zaphods collection, and those Holmes CDS etc.. infact I belive not many have Zaphod's 8bit collection found some rare stuffs there. as he was active 8bit cracker :)

This DB Collection will be on my coming USB-Stick as Bonus (Marcers Atari ST/F030 Collection) which should be ready for Pre-Order in around June this year. (it will be manufactured cover box + a game box etc.. ).

I hope to get some answers
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