Memory upgrade Atari 65XE

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Memory upgrade Atari 65XE

Post by theloneraider » Sun Jan 17, 2016 11:47 am

I currently have amongst my numerous Ataris, a 65 XE, which has what appears to be a 130XE mainboard, relevant image is below:


I was thinking of trying to get hold of the chips and upgrading as a nice little project, but wondered if anyone had any hints or tips around this.

Firstly, the top chip in the populated bank seems to have different markings, can anybody say if this is significant? Or are all the chips essentialy the same?

Second, does anybody have any comment on the capacitors in use, and the possible options for components available today?

Last but by no means least, there seem to be spots for U34 and U35. U34 is right next to the empty bank and seems to have 3 resistors soldered in by a crazy person, are these related to the memory installation, and if so, what chip goes in these slots?

Final question (Promise folks) is do I just abandon that idea and go for something like Lothareks Ultimate upgrade, as although it's 53 Euros, I might spend that getting the bits together to upgrade to just 128k.
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