Atari 1010 power supply replacement in the UK

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Atari 1010 power supply replacement in the UK

Post by theloneraider » Sun Jan 17, 2016 10:15 am

Just in case anybody in the UK is looking to replace their 1010 power supply, or like me bought a 1010 from eBay without a power supply, I have found a suitable replacement from Farnell/element 14 (Yep same element 14 Ben Heck is associated with), and the best thing is it came in a day or so and didn't break the bank at just £6.52!
It's possible that there us a US or Euro version out there too, on one of the localised element14 sites.

The UK item is here: ... dp/2368019

And meets the requirements set out in here ... ts_44.html

The key thing to remember is that these devices run off AC power, not DC.

In fact, once this arrived, I's swear it looked identical to the PSU I had with my original 1010 all those years ago :D
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