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Atari ST Gamer Digital Magazine™

Post by Greyfox » Tue Sep 09, 2014 6:19 pm


Back with a vengeance with something for a small collective of people without dragging up all Atari related comments this month, as I've been working on this for some time now and is finally out, so just giving it a little PR awareness, again if I've broken any rules, please let me know thanks.

Atari ST Gamer Magazine™ Issue 1 has finally been completed now and I present a nice preview to you all of the magazine in all it's glory, this first collectors issue of two has some great interviews, facts, and some amazing and honest Atari ST game reviews for your enjoyment plus allot more, this magazine is again another Digital publication for use on your tablets, computer and other devices and has a nice and tidy page count of 65 pages of content for you to ponder over and Issue one only costs a mere £3.50 / €4.40 / $5.79 for all this Atari ST goodness, so I hope you will support it by picking up a copy so that we can get Issue two underway and finished for a February 2015 release with even more exclusive content, interviews and reviews so Thank you for taking the time to have a look ;)

Check out the Video promo for the magazine here:


Contents of Issue one

The Converted, we take a look at how well the Atari ST computer stood up to doing arcade conversions at the time in this two part series, we cover over 30 games this issue. Preview below of what to expect. So we hope you enjoy it


Next up a classic trivia feature for this issue and issue 2 called Atari ST's Believe it or not
a collection of great facts about the Atari ST , it's games and missed opportunities, some real golden nuggets in here. Here's a small preview.


The Life and Times of the Atari ST, this feature covers the up-rise and downfall of why and what happened within Atari and the Atari ST platform and contains many facts and exclusive interview for this feature, here's just a small sample of this feature.


Interviews with Atari ST legends and unsung Heroes. That's right!!, we have some amazing interviews with three of the most prolific designers and games creators to grace the Atari ST computer questioned!!, some real surprises in here not revealed in a publication like this before.


The Atari ST Game Vault. A superb collection of classic Atari ST game reviews for you all to read and keep as a reference written by a very well known Atari ST enthusiast and You tuber and covers some great games with his insightful opinion and ratings.


plus lots more, we have a old school Cheats section to help even up the score


Atari ST Fun activities pages , a collect of fun games and puzzles games to print out and play with. An Atari ST gallery pages which covers a superb collection of Atari ST pixel art for your enjoyment.

for more information on the magazine please visit :
or the you tube channel to see exclusive game play videos..more will be added soon. goto :

The magazine is available for purchase now.

Also to quickly mention that any queries or concerns regarding input or contribution by Mr. Kieren Hawken a.k.a. The Laird / Mr.Kizza, in the publication can be put to rest, he has had no involvement with the production of the Atari ST Gamer magazine in any way or at any time either via content or reviews and will never have any future involvement in any publications I may consider doing, thank you.

Special thanks to MUG UK a.k.a. Mike Mee for helping on this and also to the wonderful Marc Johnson for his outstanding games reviews and my great Historian Ross Sillifant and an extra special thanks to the tireless efforts of the guys at Atari Mania we have as expected included a full page advertisement within the magazine to create even more Atari awareness for Atari Mania, cheers guys!!!

Let me know what you all think

All the best :)

Darren Doyle a.k.a Greyfox™
Atari ST Gamer Magazine
Creator and Designer.
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Re: Atari ST Gamer Digital Magazine™

Post by marakatti » Thu Sep 11, 2014 7:28 pm

Looks amazing :)

Gonna get one next weekend. I guess those reviews aren't going to end up on Atarimania any time soon

And thanks for the ad and positive feedback :)
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