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Donkey Kong

Post by Rjohnson » Mon Aug 11, 2014 1:53 pm

The Atari 400/800 Donkey Kong has always been my favorite Atari 8 bit computer game. It stomps the crap out of the other versions of Donkey Kong. While the Colecovision, NES and Atari 7800 Donkey Kongs only have three screens, the Atari 400/800 version has all four. It includes the conveyor belt screen. The Atari 400/800 version also has the 'How high can you get?' intermissions. That's another thing that the Colecovision, NES and Atari 7800 Donkey Kongs don't have.
The only thing wrong with the Atari 400/800 Donkey Kong is that Donkey Kong is sitting on the wrong side of the girder screen. This is because Atari was unable to add the extra girder that the arcade version has. The Colecovision version also has this problem.
If you own or decide to buy an Atari 8 bit computer, buy Donkey Kong for it. It's very good.
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