AC 2014 : The "A" Connection !

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AC 2014 : The "A" Connection !

Post by Xirius_Thir » Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:45 pm

Hy everybody,

The 2014 dream-like adventure continues with the AC!

The fun retro-computing and retro-coding convention will dress up this year with Alice in wonderland’s theme. So don’t be startled if you encounter one or two caterpillars smoking (like some old Thomsons screens). Or a few lunny cats, Amiga style. And be aware of the Atari cakes, as they might shrink you or make you grow bigger.

Join us in this easy going gathering. Discover or chalenge, or both, in this crazy atmosphere.

This 9th edition convention will take place the 5th and 6th of april 2014 at the Salle des Fetes de Congis sur Thérouane (77440) from saturday at 10am to sunday 6pm.

You will be able to come across all these brands : Atari, Amstrad, Amiga, MSX or even Comodores etc… who have allowed you to go on the other side of the mirror.


Speed coding challenges (building a game from scratch using retro video machines), The gaming tournement (Medivial Mahem + a surprise), presentations, a sales and troc space, prizes to win, pink flamingos to play golf, a clocked wired rabbit and the exclusive participation of it’s royal highness the queen of Hearts!

You may just come here to expose your favorite machine, play a few games, to expose your project or sale an engin, who knows. All we know is that you will be welcomed here.
Cause that’s how the Retro-gaming Connexion crew rolls!

As usual, we will be having online subscriptns to the convention.
The menu has to be stipulated in the application. You will find a menu from which you can choose. Drinks will be at your disposal on site.

All informations and the registration form (obligatory):

Don’t take the white rabbit for exemple, and be on time to enroll for this 9th edition of pure fun.

If you have any questions or any othe requests, you can join us through out or forum, e-mail and phone number.

RGC team

Practical information
Registering to the convention you must be done through our online form. Your registration will be confirmed on the reception of your payment (by check, Paypal or credit card - contact us for any other payment means). All practical information (packages, maps, train schedules, etc.) are available on our website ; more specific information (carpooling options, sales reservations, etc.) can be found in our forum.
We encourage you to register and tell us about any particular demand you may have (projects, specific hardware you would like to present...) as soon as possible ; this will help us in making the best possible organizing.

For any extra information or question, use the AC forum:
About the AC
Originally known as the Jaguar Connexion and launched in 2002, the convention was initially just a gathering of a handful of Atari enthusiasts. Five editions later, it became the AC, to include all machines - consoles and computers - of the wide-known brand. Users, collectors, and other interested people now gathered during a yearly event. In the following years, the AC has been including other brands (Commodore/ Amiga, Amstrad, Thomson, MSX, Sinclair, Oric, etc) to offer the attendants an always unique experience.

About the Retro-gaming Connexion association
Founded in 2004 by six retrogaming enthusiasts with diverse abilities and origins (consultant, multimedia teacher, pool technician), this non-profit organization's goal has always been to promote human gatherings. The successful conventions of the past years have turned the RGC organization into a well-known retrogaming partner in France. Today, with its strong membership of 11 persons, the organization has acquired a wide range of competencies, ranging from holding conventions (AC and RGC) to offering weekly computer training sessions, from packaging design to videogames production.
The RGC website (in construction):
The RGC general forum:
AC's forum

Contact information:
Telephone: Image (remove the initial zero and add +33 if calling from outside of France)
E-Mail: Image
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