Monitor software problem with Atari800Win PLus

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Monitor software problem with Atari800Win PLus

Post by Turboman » Wed Jan 16, 2013 3:23 pm

I'm new to emulation. I've been able to set up Stella with no problem.

I just set up Atari800Win PLus 4.1 for the first time and all went well until I switched to 5200. It goes to the 5200 screen but shortly thereafter freezes and I get a message that looks like a dos or other programming box titled Atari800Win PLus Monitor. It does not freeze in either B or XL mode. Code is:
CIM encountered
186 39 A=10 X=02 Y=1B S=02 P=--*--I-C PC=0007:22 CIM

It says type CONT to continue but it just comes back to the the next line in code ...and so on.... I have to crash the whole program to get out of the program.

Also I can't get the XL mode to recognize the num pad.

I'm using Win XP. I set the monitor to PAL and also tried NTSC - similar result.
Any ideas?
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