Identify This Game Please?!

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Identify This Game Please?!

Post by spaceninja151 » Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:51 pm

Hello fellow Atari fans. I'm trying to identify a game from my youth and I cannot remember the game. Can you help?

Here is what I remember - It was a futuristic lookingworld, 2D platformer where you are a tall character maybe with a futuristic sword or something, and you're often going through the levels in elevators from place to place - to the entrances of other areas. There was a text dialog between characters I'm pretty sure. I remember the game not having a great many colors, so it was probably a lot of light grey tones. I think the title might have started with a B and has an X in it perhaps.

It was from the days of the Atari 800 XL - when the disk drive was introduced, so it looked a little better than the average 2600, a little after the advent of the Comodore 64, so I think maybe around 1985... I'm fairly sure it was for an Atari system.

Any clues you may have to help me in my quest would be greatly appreciated!!
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