ZX Conversions by XXL -> How to classify them ?

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ZX Conversions by XXL -> How to classify them ?

Post by andy_bernstein » Mon Oct 22, 2007 12:23 am

Hi Guys,

Since we now have access to Jetboy (originally Jetpac, a Ultimate! title) and probably soon to Ghost'n'Goblins (originally released on the Spectrum by Imagine), do you think we should create a "ghost" entry in the Ultimate and Imagine databases to link to these conversions ?

The day XXL preps a conversion of Green Beret, I'm sure many will only remember the atrocious release by De Re Software / Imagine and they probably wouldn't have a clue that a superior release is in existence (XXL did change the title of Jetpac to Jetboy so it's not impossible to think he'll keep on changing title names from now on).

What do do you think ?
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